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Cockroach legs in one of McDonald’s coffee branch, in Thailand

Cockroach legs in one of McDonald’s coffee branch, in Thailand

In what was a horrifying moment for all of us who take guilty pleasure in a Happy Meal, a Thai man has found what he insists are the spiny, long legs of a cockroach stuck inside his cup of McDonald’s coffee.

In a post that has already generated more than 2,800 comments, Facebook user Nastalgic Eik shared his story on the page of McDonald’s Thailand, after he found the mysterious “legs” in his coffee at the Lotus Rama IV branch in Bangkok this week. “Yesterday, I went to eat at the Lotus Rama IV branch. I bought a coffee and I felt terrible about what I found. I thought the cockroach legs were from the cups, so I went to the employees and asked for a new coffee,” he wrote on Tuesday.

“But when the employees poured another cup, it seemed that they found more cockroach legs in the coffee. I felt even more terrible. I expected McDonald’s to have high operation standards and clean your equipment… but nothing! At least when they prepared a coffee for customers, they should have seen the contamination inside.” Eik later said that a representative from McDonald’s has called him, and they’re investigating.

McDonald’s Thailand this morning confirmed to Coconuts Bangkok that that was the case.

“We have sent a team to inspect the aforementioned branch and brought in the coffee machine for further investigation. We have also ordered the staff to clean all kitchen tools and all areas in the store,” a company statement reads. “We apologize for the incident at that branch, and we have ensured that all employees will follow the company’s food safety standards.” This is not the first time a Bangkokian has alleged to have found a cockroach in their McDonald’s meal. In 2014, a woman claimed to have found a cockroach in her soft-serve sundae.

The company, however, denied the allegation, saying their store was not the source of the cockroach.  Source: Coconuts Bangkok


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