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Clever puppy retrieves coconuts from pond

This is how an adorable young puppy learned how to jump into a pond – and retrieve coconuts for his owner.

One-year-old German Shepherd ‘Lartae’ spotted the fruits after they fell into the water in Chachoengsao.

He cautiously waited on the bank before paddling through the pond to pluck them out with his mouth.

With a little help from owner Wacharapon Limsawat, the enthusiastic pup learned how to collect the coconuts and place them in a pile at the other end of the garden. He then returns to the water to collect more of the nuts.

Full-time farmer Wacharapon said: ”Lartae was a bit shy at first and didn’t want to get into the water. I had to help him with the stick to push the coconuts near him.

”Then he was braver. He could go into the water and get the coconuts without any help. We taught him how to put them all in a pile to help up.

”I hope that he does this without asking. He’s a very useful dog to have around the home.”

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