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Chumphon man, 76, murdered in ambush

A 76-year-old man was trapped by a cable while riding his motorcycle on a Chumphon road and was stabbed to death and his gold necklace and amulet worth Bt300,000 were robbed on Wednesday morning.

Pol Lt Col Niwat Chuenwiset of Ban Nai Hood police said Somporn Chubanna was found dead on the Ban Khuan Hin Mui-Huay Sai Khao road in Chumphon’s Lang Suan district at 5:30am.

He died in his motorcyclist taxi uniform on the roadside beside his motorcycle. He was stabbed on his body and face about 12 times and had a 2cm-deep cut from the cable in his neck.

A wire was found tied to a power pole and a tree blocking the road and there was evidence of fighting on the roadside.

Police found his wallet contained Bt50,000 and he was still wearing a small gold ring but his necklace and amulet had disappeared.

His wife, Suthin Chubanna, purportedly told police that her husband was a gardener and taxi motorcyclist until he deposited over Bt1 million saving.

She said people called him the “handsome country millionaire” because he liked to wear a large gold necklace and always carry at least Bt50,000 in cash. She said women liked him and he reportedly had several lovers.

Police said there might have been at least two robbers. One of them might have watched his house and notified the other about when to tighten the wire.

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