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Chinese tourist attempts to attack tourist police

After being denied boarding a flight to China, an irate Chinese tourist attempted to assault the tourist police with a skateboard at Don Mueang International Airport.

The incident went viral over the weekend, prompting several comments and opinions on social media, many of which were critical of how Thai police handled the situation.

The police, on the other hand, played down the incident, claiming that they were being cautious and surveying the situation.

The visitor, named only as Mr. Chen, 45, made a commotion at Bangkok’s busy airport after the airline announced a change of boarding gate for his trip

This upset the visitor, who then began shouting in the departure terminal, causing a ruckus.

The captain of his flight chose to bar him from boarding the plane due to safety concerns, which enraged him even more. Language limitations exacerbated the problem.

Two airport police officers approached the Chinese tourist to try to calm him down, but he continuously attempted to strike them with the skateboard he was holding. He did not, however, strike them.

He even feigned to swing his leg at one of the officers, but the officer stood firm. He was eventually led away without causing any harm to the airport.

According to reports, after several discussions with the airline, the traveler was offered a ticket to his home nation and left Thailand on Thursday, August 10th. Some passengers recorded and broadcast his outburst on TikTok, and users reportedly slammed the police officers for their apparent indecisiveness in managing the matter.

However, the police stated that they remained calm and used judgment, and as a result, no one was wounded. They also minimized the event, claiming that it was minor and that the man had simply lost his temper.

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