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Chilling interview with survivor of Krabi Family massacre

On July 11, 2017 Thailand woke up to the horror of Krabi family massacre. Eight people were slain execution-style and three others wounded by gunmen wearing army camouflage outfits.

Anchalee Butterb, who reportedly survived the attack because she fainted after a gunshot grazed the side of her ear, talked about it on a news programme on Channel 3 Wednesday.

She is recovering from the injuries. Her younger daughter becomes frightened at the sight of people wearing military uniforms and the elder one is keeping to herself.

The following is part of the interview.

Were the bullets removed?

The doctors removed bullet pieces from my elder daughter but they could not remove those from my younger daughter because her chances of surviving an surgery are 50:50. They are monitoring their condition for signs of seizure, especially the young one.

Were you the first who got shot?

They shot me first. I felt numb but didn’t pass out. The bullet grazed my head. I wore a head covering, so the shooter didn’t see me and thought I was hit and dead. Story first shared by Bangkok Jack, come over and join us. I collapsed, so the gunman thought I was dead and went to shoot the others.

Did the attackers say anything before the shooting started?

They asked if we were frightened. We told them we were very frightened and begged them not to shoot. We begged them to spare our lives but they just shot. I passed out briefly. I kept my eyes closed after regaining consciousness. I lay there in the dark. The attackers switched off the lights.

Could you say more about what happened?

I heard my husband running toward me. He was pulled away and tortured. I heard but didn’t see it. Then I heard four or five gunshots. I heard my husband telling them to have mercy. He asked them to spare his wife, his children.

He asked them not to hurt anyone. He asked the attackers to let the others live. He would tell them everything. Story first shared by Bangkok Jack, come over and join us. They didn’t listen. When he fought hard, they shot him.

Did you remember his last words?

He said lots of things. He asked them to let the others go, not to hurt anyone. He repeated it again and again. I didn’t think he would survive the shooting. There were too many shots.

Who was shot after that?

I heard something from the bed but I didn’t know who was shot. I heard my sister ask “Does it hurt?” repeatedly. The shooter told her it didn’t and it would be quick. Then the gunman fired.

Did the attackers call anyone during the attack?

I didn’t hear. When they left the room, they didn’t come back. I heard several gunshots in other rooms and the phu yai [Worayut Sanglang] yelling. Story first shared by Bangkok Jack, come over and join us. I didn’t hear what they said but the shooting didn’t stop.

When did you get up?

I heard the car engines start but didn’t have the nerve to get up. Then my elder daughter walked to me and told me that they killed everyone. My daughter called her grandfather and my brother.

I picked my younger daughter up and went to the front of the house. My elder daughter was bleeding and crying. We waited for help. We waited five minutes and people came.

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