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Children killed as driver sleeps while driving

Children killed as driver sleeps while driving

Suphan Buri –  In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a motorist crashed into a parked truck killing two young children after dropping off some friends police say.


Police were called to the accident on the Bang Li-Nong Wan Priang road in Tambon None Phra Prang, Song Phi Nong district at 12.15am.

Police have also said that the driver who has been named as Nitikorn Doktalyong, 22 had hit the back- side of the truck that was parked on the roadside.

As the truck was not obstructing the left lane and not obstructing anything else, police believe that the Nitikorn Doktalyong had fallen asleep behind the wheel making him lose control of the vehicle.

Nitikorn Doktalyong’s nephew who was just five had died from injuries at the scene and his niece who was just 1 year old, died after being taken to the hospital.

Nitikorn along with his two relatives (Rinda Udom, 21, and Worasuda Chantharang, 15) were also injured as a result of the crash.

Police inspector of the Song Phi Nong police station had said that Nitikorn and his family were coming home after celebrating Songkran and had just dropped off some friends

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