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Child is beaten by teacher for POOR MATH


A seven-year-old was hit in the head with a stick because she didn’t get her sums right at a school in Pattaya.

Jaja, a P2 child, came home from her Pattaya school sullen and upset. Her mother Nutchanart, 26, took her to hospital when black eyes and swelling appeared on her daughter.

Then she made a police report.

The little girl’s grandmother was given a verbal apology from the teacher concerned.

It emerged that the child was hit because she was slow at math.

Now the school director – who said they had been away from the school – has set up a committee of inquiry and promised justice in the matter.

This followed a backlash on social media when pictures of the child were posted and comments were made on Facebook.

The family have said they may prosecute the teacher concerned


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