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Child almost loses his foot to escalator

Child almost loses his foot to escalator

A father came out to warn netizens online to be extremely careful if you or your child use the escalator when wearing rubber shoes.

There have been recent cases in Thailand with people getting their shoes sucked in by the escalator, normally this is caused by rubber shoes.

Rubber shoes such as crocs are flexible, the escalator can accidentally trap the shoe then suck it in underneath. This latest incident is a great example of why you should be extremely careful when wearing rubber shoes on the escalator.

A Facebook user “Puripat Timpu” shared the story on how his son almost lost one of his feet to the escalator. Luckily, his son pulled his foot out in time before any toes were sucked into the escalator. The child had some injuries, but it was nothing compared to what would’ve happened if he didn’t leave the shoe behind.

When using the escalator with rubber shoes on, do not stand close to the side of the escalator and also beware of your step getting on and off the escalator.

Abc News published an article that revealed many parents were in this same situation. This can happen to adults, but because rubber shoes are popular among children for the colorful and comfy feel, adding to the fact that children don’t realize the risk of rubber shoes and escalators.

A popular activity that children do while using the escalator is to run their shoes alongside the elevator as it moves up or down.

Rubber shoes include crocs, flip flops, or any shoes with a soft footbed that can pose as a risk. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed that approximately 10,000 people meet emergency circumstances each year from accidents on the escalator, and this is just in the US alone.

From the total number, about 2,000 end up getting their feet or hands sucked into the escalator. It is definitely not an idea

In this case, the shoe left behind had been torn in the front, where the toes were. The dad rushed his son to the hospital where the child is now safe and on the path of a good recovery.

If this does happen to you, then the first thing to do is to remove you or your child’s foot from the shoe, tell another person to press the red emergency button normally on top of the escalator. This will stop the escalator, hopefully in time before anything bad happens.

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