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Child, 8 months, discovered abandoned at a police station in east Pattaya

An unwanted 8-year-old boy was discovered abandoned on May 11 in Ban Nongket Yai, east Pattaya, and authorities are now looking for his parents.

A 63-year-old villager named Namthip Permkedklang told authorities that the baby boy’s parents begged her to accept their child and give him a home around a week ago. Namthip declined, stating that she already had children and couldn’t afford to support another mouth.The parents then went to Somchai Inban, another neighborhood resident, and asked him to watch their son while they went to get some milk and diapers. They promised to return and pick him up soon.

Somchai waited and waited, but he could see no sign of the parents’ return. Being indigent himself and unable to support the child, he chose to delegate care to the authorities and abandoned the boy in front of the police station.When nearby vendors heard the baby wailing, they crossed the street to check and found the dust- and mosquito-covered baby boy crawling on the unclean ground in front of the police station.

Before reporting their discovery to the authorities, they scooped him up, gave him a bath, applied medicine to the insect and mosquito bites on his body, and put new clothes on him.

Once the boy’s health had been examined, the police transported him to the Banglamung Hospital and placed him in the care of the Chonburi Home for Children and Family until his parents could be located.

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