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CCTV Shocker: Vietnamese man beats up his newsreader wife

Vietnamese man beats up his newsreader wife

Vietnamese martial arts expert beats up his newsreader wife as she holds their baby ‘because she moved a TV into a different room’ in shocking CCTV from inside their home.

Horrifying footage shows a martial arts expert beating up his newsreader wife as she holds their baby at their home in Vietnam.

Local reports say Nguyen Xuan Vinh, 32, was angry with his wife for moving a television from one room to another at their house in Hanoi on Monday evening.

The victim, Vu Thi Thu Ly, 27, a renowned radio presenter, uploaded the footage of her being subjected to the sustained attack.

It shows Ms Ly clutching her two-month-old son as the child’s father uses his brutal skills as a Wushu instructor against her.

Another child seen in the video, believed to be the couple’s other son, is ordered into an adjoining room by the father who then continues the abuse.

At one point, the well-known newsreader is seen running away as she is hounded by her husband who continues to punch her.

‘He hit me hard, at that time I was holding my little child, forced to hold my baby, but in the end he hit me, I could not stand and finally fell both my mother and children, she cried all over.’ The terrified wife said.

‘His nature is a vicious hooligan, I have endured.’ She continued. ‘Other times hitting me but not to this bad level, so I ignore the disdain and influence the children. But beating me in front of children is unacceptable.’

Campaigners against domestic violence say they are seeing more and more cases in Vietnam – but there are still plenty of instances where the victims are too scared to come forward.

UN Women’s Specialist Nguyen Thi Thuy told Vietnam News: ‘In the past, everyone, especially the victim, didn’t want to say anything about this.

‘But now, the higher the awareness of women and in society, there are more reported incidents of violence against women in the mass media.

‘Research over the last 10 years shows one in three married women have been victims of domestic violence, and many are keeping it to themselves rather than reporting it.

The video was recorded by CCTV cameras at the family home in the Long Bien district of Hanoi.

It is not clear if the cameras were put in place because the man has a history of violence against his wife.

At another moment in the video, the shirtless thug spins around and throws a kick in the direction of his wife’s face.

Eventually, he punches her so hard she falls to the ground.

The journalist had to be treated in hospital following the attack.

Her husband has not been arrested despite the video being widely circulated in Vietnam.

It is believed the couple divorced after earlier incidents of domestic violence and were reunited before the birth of their second child.

‘When the children live in a family where the father always abuses the mother physically and mentally, growing up in such a toxic environment, the spirit and growth of these children will also be affected, deformed and in danger of accepting violence returning to their lives in the future as adults.

‘We should take measures, should have stronger education, women must stand up for themselves, and everyone must recognize women more sympathetically, there is no prejudice against them.

‘Only then will they escape from the marriages that are like imprisonment.


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