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Video: Carnage as truck smashes into schoolgirls in Thailand

Carnage as truck smashes into schoolgirls in Thailand

A terrifying clip of an out-of-control truck smashing into a group of schoolgirls riding scooters on a quiet Bangkok road was shared on social media today.

Pila Nanawong of Bang Khen police said just before 3 pm that the incident had only just happened and there was no confirmed information yet about the condition of those hit.

He said the injured were receiving medical attention while police questioned witnesses.

It was later confirmed that though, amazingly, no one was killed, three girls sustained severe injuries and two fewer injuries in the accident which took place at about 12:30 pm on a road inside Kasetsart University.

The clip, filmed from someone’s dashboard camera, opens with a group of girls riding down a suburban road

Several girls are riding side-saddle on the backs of the bikes. A large truck driving the wrong way comes careening around the corner, narrowly misses another pickup truck and lifts halfway in the air after clipping a stopped car.

Carnage ensues, with the girls’ bodies flying through the air, including one from the lead motorcycle who crashes sickeningly into the front end of another parked truck.

Several of the girls stand up after the collision and are able to walk away.

The whole thing happens in about four seconds

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