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Two recently established beer brands in Thailand, Carabao Beer and Tawan Daeng Beer, are prepared to contend in the 270–300 billion baht Thai beer industry.

The beer market has seen the entry of The Carabao Group, a significant participant in the beverage business, with its initial offering, “Lager,” which has an alcohol concentration of 4.9 percent.

They specifically target areas outside of Bangkok with this method. They target beverage agents, existing Carabao Group-affiliated liquor stores, and convenience stores, especially CJ Supermarkets, which serve as its retail networks in several provinces.

A Carabao Beer representative had stated a few weeks ago that they are taking orders and urged companies to take advantage of this new offering.

According to Sathien Sathientham, vice chairman and executive director, the company wants to take a 10% market share in 2024 and become Thailand’s third-largest beer manufacturer. This percentage is anticipated to rise to 20% during the following three to five years, with a target annual beer turnover of 40 billion baht.

“Carabao Beer” and “Tawan Daeng Beer,” two of Carabao Beer’s products, were introduced in November. Their current annual production capacity is 200 million liters, and they intend to grow this to 400 million liters in the future.

Founded in 2001 and listed on the Thai stock exchange in 2014, the Carabao Group is well-known for its robust sponsorship portfolio, which includes support of the English football league in the UK, which it refers to as the “Carabao Cup.”

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