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Dashcam Footage Captures Mysterious ‘Fireball’ Lighting Up Sky

A massive, mysterious fireball was spotted streaking through the sky in Australia, sparking all kinds of bizarre theories, naturally.


A man from Perth, Australia was driving home at 7.40pm on Tuesday when he caught the amazing phenomenon on his dashcam.

Thirty-seven-year-old Ravi Karia has since shared the footage online where it’s quickly gone viral. People have since offered all kinds of theories, with some claiming it was a plane crash and others thinking it was some sort of alien spaceship.

Interior designer Ravi said: “I was just about to leave the highway when I when I saw the skies growing brighter.

“Next thing it suddenly exploded, I was completely stunned. I couldn’t pull over but I was thinking: ‘What just happened?’

“I had an idea it could be a meteorite, but it was so close and it was over so quickly.”

The Department of Fire and Emergency Service was also reportedly inundated with calls from people who also witnessed the fireball.

On social media many people reported seeing a flash in the sky, with one writing: “I thought I got flashed by a speed camera going the speed limit.

“Something flashed in the sky, and started to burn and fall…Did anyone else happen to see it? Was it a plane or a meteor?”


Now the focus is on attempting to pinpoint the spot where the object landed so scientists can go an investigate and found out what it is.

Professor Phil Bland from Curtin University Told CNN that it was ‘almost certainly’ part of an asteroid and asked anyone who comes across the landed piece of space-junk to give him a call.

“It will look strange, it will have a black crust on it and it’ll be kind of slightly rounded in a way that most terrestrial rocks aren’t. It will look distinct, it’ll look odd, also they’re usually a little bit heavier than average rocks,” he said.

But as yet, it seems that no one has come forward to say they’ve found it. So, in the meantime, UFO-experts and alien-lovers are having a bloody field day coming up with theories on what it could be.

However, Ravi isn’t convinced, adding: “I had seen meteorites before, so I think it’s unlikely it was a UFO.” Looks like they’ve already got to our man Ravi then, eh? Remember guys, the truth is out there.

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