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Cambodia government orders strict registration of foreigners

Cambodia government orders strict registration of foreigners

Cambodian Interior Minister Sar Kheng has instructed all residence owners around the country of the need to report foreigners who come to stay in their residences to strengthen immigration law enforcement.

According to the statement of the minister, it said that since the Interior Ministry issued a statement in 2010, the Interior Ministry has concluded that a majority of residence owners have respected the law but some residence owners still did not understand their obligation and also did not respect the law, the Khmer Times reported.

“To strengthen immigration law enforcement and to improve the registration of foreigners residing in the country is necessary to ensure security, public order and social safety,” the statement said.

The ministry provided a memorandum which contained seven points such as the requirement for all residence owners to report foreigners residing in their property to the commune police officials in their location within 24 hours and in case residence owners are foreigners, they must provide additional information of the people residing in the properties within 24 hours.

The statement added that General Department of Immigration has a responsibility to implement and disseminate the memorandum and its contents to residence owners and all relevant officials around the country.



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