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Thai cops bust ‘sex with SOI DOGS’ sleeze ring

Thai cops bust ‘sex with SOI DOGS’ sleeze ring

A group operating out of Chiang Mai used the Line application to offer members the chance to see sex with dogs and the opportunity to meet soi dogs for “swinging sex”.

There were ten dogs on the books, all available for a fee.

A man – believed to be an organizer – is in custody who appeared online having his way with a puppy who he claimed had been drugged.

Dog loving members of the public have demanded that police arrest all concerned and get stiff sentences. They have praised the actions of the animal help group Watchdog Thailand for their work.

Earlier animal welfare worker Piyachat Soorikan and Narinrat Nanthawan Na Ayuthaya of Watchdog Thailand had taken offensive clips to the Sankamphaeng police in Chiang Mai demanding action against a group called “Bobo” who were operating nationwide through Line.

Members were charged 200 baht to join. This entitled them to view others having sex with dogs.

Once a month there were “swinging dates” where for extra fees members could have sex with the dog of their choice.

There were ten former soi dogs to choose from on Bobo’s canine dating roster.

The activities were centered around a real world shop selling alcohol in the Sankamphaeng area that had a Facebook page of “Bom Lop Mum”.

Under the cover of pretending to care for soi dogs the animals were really being raised for sex with customers. In the past 15 such animals had been taken off the streets as puppies and groomed as future sexual partners for members.

One man is in custody. His tattoos matched those from one of the clips.

He has claimed that the puppy he had sex with was already dead from being doped.

Thai Rath published an additional story full of comments from dog lovers calling for severe penalties for what they saw as animal abuse.

Some claimed the sex with dogs practice was widespread

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