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Bus driver starts fighting with conductor in front of passengers

Source: Bus Driver Fighting With Conductor by ViralPress

Stunned passengers had to shuffled off this bus after the driver and conductor started fighting.

The two men were filmed getting into an argument during a journey in Makati City, the Philippines, last month.

The driver, wearing a red top, appears to be holding a red stick which the conductor, in an orange top, grabs hold of and tries to pull it free from him.

During angry scenes, the passengers nervously filtered off the bus afraid of the two men coming to blows at the front of the vehicle.

”Don’t insult me,” yells the conductor.

”Yes, but we still have passengers,” replies the driver in the video trying to calm the conductor down.

The conductor eventually left the bus with his luggage and the driver resumed the trip by himself, as new passengers cautiously came aboard.

Filmer Claire Luis said: ”I was asleep when suddenly the bus conductor started shouting angrily.

”I don’t know what started the altercation, but the conductor seemed to be getting something from the driver.

”It was a very strange situation but at least neither of them were injured. Though it was definitely not professional conduct.”

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