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British Tourists Files Formal Legal Complaint

British Tourists Files Formal Legal Complaint

In a viral incident that has garnered international headlines and spurred significant online discussion, a group of independent contracted guards brutally assaulted British tourists following a heated dispute over a bill on the bustling Soi 6 in Pattaya this past weekend. The attack has raised serious concerns about safety and damaged the family-friendly reputation of this popular tourist destination, according to Pattaya Police.

On the evening of May 24, 2024, a confrontation erupted between foreign tourists and a group of contracted security guards managing local bars on Soi Six. The altercation began as a dispute over a bill, during which the tourists reportedly became aggressive and confrontational with the bar staff and security. At one point, a foreign tourist was seen shoving another customer who was attempting to defuse the situation, escalating the conflict into physical violence. The tourists were left battered and bruised by the guards. The incident, captured on video, sparked widespread outrage and condemnation.

The primary British tourist involved in the viral Soi 6 brawl with independent security guards over the past weekend has been located and met with police this evening. He has filed a formal legal complaint against the guard who kicked him in the head while he was lying on the ground. Despite numerous online rumors, the tourist was not seriously injured; he sustained only minor bruises and was able to return to his hotel under his own power the same night.

Particularly shocking footage showed one guard violently kicking a tourist in the head while the tourist was already lying on the ground after being beaten. This act caused global outrage and widespread media coverage. The guard claimed the victim had attacked him first, breaking his nose on the street, which allegedly instigated the fight.

There was speculation that one of the tourists was seriously injured, in a coma, or deceased. However, the victim informed Pattaya Police today that he had managed to walk away mostly uninjured from the incident and returned to his hotel.

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