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British Sniper Once Took Out Six Terrorists With A Single Shot

British Sniper Once Took Out Six Terrorists With A Single Shot

It recently came to light that a British sniper took down six Taliban terrorists with only one bullet.

A Lance Corporal with the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards – whose identity has been kept secret for security reasons – managed to heroically stop the attack in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

In December 2013, the corporal spotted a group approaching – this was to be a massive assault by the Taliban, and it wasn’t long before they started shooting at the British forces.

Soon the unnamed sniper spotted six of them head into a crater – this was his moment. He was 930 yards away from the insurgents and had only moments to calculate his next move. He knew he had to take a shot, and it had to be a bloody good one.

He took aim and fired, managing to shoot the one in the middle and hit him directly in the centre of his chest – that one shot was enough, the man wasn’t just taken out – so were the other five men. It turns out the man the corporal hit was wearing a bomb.

When things settled around the sniper he got on to his radio and said: “I… I… think I’ve just shot a suicide bomber.”

Turns out the Taliban assailant was wearing a suicide vest that had around 44lbs (20kg) of explosives that, once hit by the sniper’s bullet immediately detonated and exploded all the men in the ditch.

That day the sniper not only took out several assailants but saved the lives of many British soldiers – if the suicide bomber had been successful it could have been an utterly horrific and devastating attack.

It may seem like a spot of luck, but other stories have emerged about the sniper – at only 20 years old, he must’ve been given the responsibility of his role early on in his career, showing his skill with the sniper.

Then there’s also the tale of his is very first shot fired in combat – apparently it went directly into the chest of a Taliban machine gunner from 1,465 yards away.

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