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Brazilian teenager finds a very clever way to wind cotton

This inventive teenager found a clever way to wind yarn – by sticking a drinks can on a fan rotor.

Aspiring mechanic Jonathan Pacheco, 18, came up with the idea using the old fan at his home in Rio de Janeiro in south-eastern Brazil, on July 14.

In the video, Jonathan attaches an empty energy drink container to the spinning part of the mechanical fan motor.

He sets the fan to maximum speed, which quickly fills the makeshift spindle with fibre as yarn collects on the energy drink container, which acts like a traditional bobbin.

Jonathan said: ”This little hack can be used to help out many different ways. If something is tangled and it needs to be wound back, you can use this method.”

The footage was posted online with impressed users hailing Jonathan a ”genius”.

Victoria Murta said: ”This Brazilian should receive an award!”

Willian Guimaraes added: ”We are clearly watching the work of a highly intelligent individual.”

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