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Botched Surgery Gives Cute Coffee Shop Owner Deformed and Infected Lips

At 12.30 hrs on 30th October 2016 Mrs. Widara Park, 22 years Coffee Shop Owner went to make statement at Pattaya Police Station to Pol Lt Temtrong Rodsiri Sub Inspector Inquiry regarding malpractice from V Shape Clinic located in Central Pattaya.

She said that she saw the facebook page and made the contact, after the price agreement Bht. 15,000 she agreed to a lip reshaping operation from Doctor Piyapong Howilailak on 20th September 2016 at 18.00 hrs. During the surgery, she lost so much blood, the doctor had to pause the surgery to stop the blood. The surgery finished at 22.30 hrs.

She went to get follow up the next 3 days, and it turned out her lips had infection and the doctor told her to get injection once a day for 7 days and go back to follow up.

After 7 days, the infection still going on, the doctor had to open the wound to get rid of the abscess, she went on another surgery but could not get rid of infection. In total, she went on surgery 5 times from the same doctor, turned out her lips had deformed.

She added that she saw the doctor was on TV program “Take me Out” so she believed in his skills and reputation. The doctor at first agreed to take full responsibilities, and all she needed was getting her lips back.

On 30th October, she went to the clinic to discuss about the expenses she is going to Korea to take another lip surgery, but the doctor refused to discuss with her and insisted she only talked to his lawyer so she went to file statement at police station.

Mrs. Widara also said that she met with another woman at the clinic who had her nose surgery and had infection too but at the end she decided to take out the silicon. She was not sure if this woman had filed the complaint or not but she was informed that the woman did not want to waste any time further.

Also there was another FB user named Nan Nanny posted that she went to V Shape Clinic and the doctor forgot the gauze for 2 days, her nose almost got infection. The clinic apologized and said that the doctor was sorry and did not mean for this to happen so Nan Nanny posted back that the doctor did not apologize the day he took the gauze out and he would not say anything if she did not come out and make complaint.

The police would call Doctor Piyapong, license no. 40071, for question and to assure if he is a certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon doctor.

Report by Pattaya One News Team

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