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Body remains found in water storage of a building on Ratchada Road

The remains of a human body were discovered in water storage on top of a building at Ratchada Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok City. The body was found by a civilian at around 16.00 on the 1st of September this year on a building across from the Ratchada Criminal Court at Ratchadapisek 32.

The local rescue team and the police from Phahonyothin Police Station were notified of the skeleton. The body was inside a large water storage built into the construction of the building located on the 32nd floor. The rescue team from Poh Teck Tung foundation entered the large water storage.

The water has been drained out and the team found a white skeleton lying inside. It is estimated from the remains, the person might have attempted suicide by burning before jumping into the water storage.

Police Major Panupong Jindaluang from the Phaholyothin Police Station and other related officers are investigating the crime sight and the remains found.

The estimate is only the possibilities to what might have happened to the person before death. The body has been in the water decomposing for a long time before the discovery.

Police and specialists will be investigating on the issue including a search to find who the person was.

Hopefully, the investigation police find the answer to who the body was and the true cause of the death.

It is a very strange idea as to how someone would think of a suicide plan by burning themselves on fire on top of the building then jumping into the giant water storage, basically trapping themselves inside.

The case has a possibility to have another outcome as the body has been inside for so long as most of the remains are the skeleton of the body.

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