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Big Spending VIP’s

Koreans…..No! Japanese…..No! I am in fact, talking about the increase in Thai girls spending huge amounts of money on nights out.

I’m also not referring to middle aged business women who like to go out and indulge in the finer things in life. To narrow it down, I’m talking about young Thai girls in their early 20’s who go out and think nothing of blowing 10,000 baht or more in single night.

How do I know this? I’ve seen it first hand on more than one occasion. It may be low season in Pattaya, but some of the brighter young girls are still making plenty of money.

From expensive meals in Mantra, to bottles of Grey Goose in ibar at 3,500 baht a pop, these girls definitely know how to spend their (cough cough) hard earned money. It’s easy to say that it’s the boyfriend’s money, or the customer’s money that they are spending, but to be fair, once that money is handed over to them, it’s their to spend how they wish.

A lot of it comes down to wanting to out-do their mates. Women the world over are great at doing this, but Thai girls are the real professionals. And, it seems, they are using the money they are earning as a means of doing this.

Anyone else witnessed anything similar recently. Maybe you have been lucky enough to have had a girl take you for a night out, instead of the other way around. No chance of that for me unfortunately, but still hoping….

See you all soon

Danny Boy


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