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The Best Movies To Watch On Netflix

Stranger Things

I Am Mother

Imagine living in a future where the entire human race has become extinct, you were grown in a test tube and your mother was a robot voiced by Rose Byrne. That’s the reality for protagonist ‘Daughter’ in this sci-fi thriller. Weirdly, having an android for a mum doesn’t seem so bad until an intruder from the outside (Hilary Swank) turns up and makes ‘Daughter’ question everything she’s ever learned. With many twists and turns and some swanky special effects, I am Mother is definitely worth your time.

Baby Driver

If you were a fan of ‘Drive’ but the dull tones got you a little down, then Baby Driver will definitely hit the right notes. Roaring in with a memorable soundtrack, it follows ‘Baby’, a young getaway driver seeking freedom from a life of heisting with his lover Debora. It’s pedal-to-the-metal from the get-go, filled with larger-than-life-performances and is choreographed to perfection.


Jake Gyllenhaal stars in a clever crime thriller with a very dark undertone. Working as a freelance videographer, he seeks out the scarier side of LA waiting for stories to come in so he can sell them to the highest bidder. It’s not long until he realises it’s easier and more profitable to make the stories come to him. Jake comes across as an absolute weirdo in a memorable performance that’ll send chills down your spine.

The Fundamentals of Caring

This heartwarming indie flick is a great mix of dark comedy and drama, making it great for those who’re after a laugh and for those who want to get invested in some really well-thought-out characters. After filing for divorce, Ben (Paul Rudd) goes on a course to become a carer and is tasked to look after Trevor (Craig Roberts), who portrays disability with cutting honesty and dark humour. This is Paul Rudd’s greatest performance. Don’t @ me.

A Ghost Story

Casey Affleck starts in this indie flicked dressed as a man in a sheet with eye holes cut out. No, he’s not a member of the Ku Klux Klan, he’s actually dead. As a ghost, he’s forced to watch his wife move on in an intense and tragic look at loss. If you’re looking for humour, or something fast-paced I’d probably give this a miss. If you want to watch Rooney Mara eat a pie for five minutes then you’ll love it.


Based on the memoir of Saroo Brierley, Lion follows a young Indian boy who gets separated from his parents. Played by Dev Patel, Saroo eventually gets adopted and moves to Australia. As he attends university the urge to find his true parents and understand his Indian heritage keep him up at night. It’s a powerful feel good film that’ll stick with you forever.

The Wandering Earth

This could potentially be the biggest film that you’ve never heard of as it’s made over £500m in China alone. As in many films set in the future, the world is about to end. This time it’s because the sun’s about to explode. Using giant fire-blowing engines, Earth is being steered to a new, safer destination only to be sucked into Jupiter’s orbit. It all makes for a spectacular action-packed evening.



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