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How to Benefit from Being Friend-zoned?

How to Benefit from Being Friend-zoned?

The vast majority of guys consider being friend-zoned by their crush as a tragedy and as an offence. Mostly the warm welcome to the friend zone never happens, as the refusal is the most common reaction to the proposition to become friends instead of lovers. Those guys don’t even understand how lucky they are to be actually invited ti the friend zone. Most of the guys have to read articles like “how to know if you are in the friend zone”, as girls prefer hints to direct words. Mainly those articles won’t help, and everything culminates in guys asking his crush “Am I in the friend zone?”. Needless to say that the answer results in the parties never speaking to each other, and if it is high school, be read for those petty feuds. What most of those guys don’t understand, mainly because future is not something we like to think about, is that you actually can benefit from being friend-zoned.

  1. You Get to Know Girls Better

As we’ve already mentioned, accepting being friend-zoned is making a great contribution to your future relationships. Maybe not at once, but quite soon your former crush will start complaining about her boyfriends. Of course, it is painful for you to hear it, as every time she is talking about her boyfriends, you start thinking that it must have been you. But you should listen, as it will help you understand what a girl really wants and what a girl really needs. Listening to her complaints you can learn how the girls like to be treated, how you should and how you shouldn’t act with them.

  1. Getting More Confident

Becoming a friend to a girl, allows you to look at everything from the inside. As a result, you are getting more confident with other girls. Once again, pay attention to her complaints about boyfriends. She will display all of her tricks to you. You know that sometimes girls start a scandal because they are furious and you really did something wrong, but sometimes it is just showing off. Most of the guys don’t have an opportunity to tell whether it’s real or whether it’s showing off, but you will be able.

  1. Possibility to Date Her Friends

Okay, she has friend-zoned you, but her friends didn’t, and you have all the chances to win their hearts. First of all, you don’t have to ask anyone out to introduce yourself and show what kind of person you are. You are the part of the company, so they are going to have their eyes on you all the time, all you have to do is choose whom you are going to pick.

  1. Get a Free Relationship Advice

Having a girl as a friend gives you a lot of opportunities to avoid thousands of mistakes other men make in a relationship. You no longer need articles on the internet, when you have problems with your girlfriend, you can simply ask your girl-friend for advice. No longer you have to wonder about the real reasons behind your girlfriend’s words or actions, as your girl-friend will explain you everything.

  1. Possibility to Become More Than a Friend

No one said that your friend-zone is your final destination. Sometimes friends end up becoming lovers. But that shouldn’t be your master plan, as you won’t be able to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits. Moreover, if your master plan is to make her love you through friendship, you are most likely to be left without a girlfriend, as well as without girl-friend.

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