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Behind The Scenes Footage Reveals How Jason Momoa Super Bowl Advert Was Made

Jason Momoa

Super Bowl is about so much more than the game itself – and last night’s Super Bowl LIV was no exception.

Among the many off-field talking points was Jason Momoa’s bizarre mortgage advert, in which he pulls off his muscles and his hair.

That sounds like a weird way to advertise mortgages on paper, and it is.

The premise of the weird commercial is that Momoa only feels comfortable in his own skin when he’s at home, where he can rid himself of the muscles and long hair he is known for. Similarly, Rocket Mortgages can make you feel comfortable financing your home – so get a mortgage with them. Makes sense, right?
Anyway, behind the scenes footage of the making of the advert has now been released.

In it, we’re given an insight into just how they managed to put together the creepy commercial. Unsurprisingly, there was a fair amount of green screen needed to create skinny Momoa, and the challenge for the team was ensuring that the 40-year-old’s movements matched up perfectly with those of his skinny double as he stripped off his prosthetic body parts.

Jason Bergman, visual effects supervisor, said: “We got to work very closely with Jason and our secondary actor.

“We have two different actors who have to move exactly the same way, they have to repeat their motions exactly, ’cause if they don’t, then we in the post-production side have to recreate movements throughout the shots.”

Speaking on the set of the commercial, managing partner of the advertising company, Louis Slotkin, said: “I would love to be a fly on America’s wall to see the moment, what people’s faces look like, at the moment that Jason Momoa transforms from this hulk to something much, much different.”

Sadly Louis, we couldn’t see the faces of millions of viewers across the US as the advert aired, however, thanks to social media, we can get a decent gauge of what the reaction was like.

Judging from Twitter, it seems like the response was very mixed indeed:

Well, it definitely created a bit of a stir anyway, and if the adage that all good publicity is good publicity is to be believed, then the folks at Rocket Mortgage are probably feeling pretty pleased.

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