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Beating the coronavirus blues: Asda Manager runs marathon in backyard for charity during lockdown

Asda Manager

Beating the coronavirus blues: Asda Manager runs marathon in backyard for charity during lockdown.

This is one way to spend all of the time on your hands. The coronavirus pandemic has kept the majority of the world’s population in quarantine over the last few weeks.

However, that hasn’t stopped everyone from continuing to exercise outdoors.

A manager at the Asda ADC Distribution Centre near Didcot, Oxfordshire in England decided it was his turn to help raise money for the NHS workers treating patients running an entire marathon in his back garden.

As a key worker, Daniel still works but has found time on his day off to do his bit and help raise money for the NHS.

Go smash it, uncle Danny!!! Don’t get too dizzy!!

It took nearly 1,214 laps of his back garden, but Daniel managed to prove you can complete a marathon while the country is on lockdown.

By the time Daniel completed the marathon in just over six hours, he had raised more than 1,946 pounds for Britain’s National Health Service to help battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Daniel last night he told me that he was inspired by a youtube video so decided to give it a go.

“I’ve run a marathon when i was younger, but this was much harder due to the constant turning and unable to gather a pace put more strain on my body .

Daniel decided that he wanted to do something “crazy” to raise money for the NHS to help their key workers during the coronavirus pandemic that are working on the wards treating patients. It was more spur of the moment decision, and after briefly contemplating the idea for a while Daniel announced a week and a half before that he was going to run a marathon, so he had no time to train or properly prepare.

“It was very boring, just doing continuous loops.

Most of Daniel’s family were there to give him support during his crazy garden marathon.

Upon finishing he had suffered some injuries and collapsed on the floor, however shortly after he was in good spirits and sitting in a chair.

“As hard as it was, I didn’t give up, stop or walk at any point as all I could think of was why I was doing this, that I was raising money for such a good cause and I had so many messages of support and that drove me to work harder and not give up”.

Daniel in the middle surrounded by his family after the run


Total raised so far stands at 1,946 pounds. Daniel completed his run in 6 hours and that was doing 1214 laps of a garden of 34.74 square meters.

You help Daniel  and donate money for the NHS workers on the front line by visiting the link below or by visiting  Daniel’s Facebook page, also below

I think I am not alone when I say job well done. Not everyone has the courage to try something a little different. Anyone can run, and many many people can run a marathon, however, to run a marathon in a back garden is hard. Hats off to Daniel for this and his charity efforts.

However, I feel that the biggest impression Daniel left was on his lawn, which took over 1000 laps of punishment in the process.

Daniel’s Garden Marathon can be found here

And his profile page so you can see the day’s events can be found here



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