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Beach Road 13/3 Destroyed by Tour Buses

Pattaya One news reporters have been receiving reports for six-months that the road surface has been seriously degrading at Soi 13/3 Beach Road, Pattaya.

A recent inspection revealed 20cm deep potholes and some parts of the surface is unusable. A combination of regular heavy coaches using the small soi and bad drainage are contributory factors.

Local vendors say that although the soi used to be private property it was later taken over by the Pattaya City Council for public use. The problem is that since then they have spent no money in maintaining it.

Over the last six years the heavy tour coaches have been using the soi as a short cut and rendered the surface nearly unusable.

There have been many accidents to tourists who are not familiar with the surface and ride into them. Only two days ago a tourists was badly hurt when she crashed into a pothole full of water.

Local people feel that only serious injury or a fatality may prompt Pattaya City Council to repair the soi but insist they should do so before such a tragedy takes place.

Report by Pattaya One News Team

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