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Pattaya beach vendors double their prices

Pattaya beach vendors double their prices

Pattaya city hall had spoken out regarding reports that beach vendors in Pattaya have doubled their prices, by defending them.

The recent price hike has come after new equipment and procedures were introduced to Pattaya’s beaches in a bid to improve standards for tourists, but so far, all it seems to have done is make it more expensive.

An official from city hall was asked about the increase in prices, to which he responded that it was entirely up to the vendors, and that the state would not be getting involved.

Popular online news source, Manager, was at the interview and recorded the several statements.

A few of the key ones worth mentioning were “beautification of the beach”, “service to tourists”, “international standard”, “conformity”, “image” “pleasing to the eye” and “in line with EEC”.

Regarding the prices he said:

“It is not the state’s job to fix prices – that is up to the operators. They can adjust prices due to market forces as necessary”.

Reporters then moved on to the subject regarding the quality of the equipment after several news stories highlighted several broken beach chairs already, as well as reports that they weren’t stable with several tourists falling out of them. The officials response, totally ignore the subject and highlight how the new equipment was provided for free to the vendors.

Source: Manager

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