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Another Thai gets the “barbie” transformation in Korea

Another Thai gets the “barbie” transformation in Korea

The latest transformation of a contestant on “Let Me In Thailand,” the Thai edition of a popular Korean plastic surgery show, has not received the best feedback — the internet has jumped to criticize the “Barbie” transformation given to one woman in the latest season.

The cruel comments and bullying sadly continued for Prapaporn Pramo, a 20-year-old university student from Roi Et, who said she has been mocked for her facial features her whole life.

She said, “I went to a job interview. They told me I looked like a clown. They said my face was square. My nose was flat. My eyes were uneven.”

“When people want to be nice, they’d say I look like a Furby.”

With her 173 centimeter height, Prapaporn dreams of being a flight attendant, and she reportedly told the show producers that she’d like to look like Barbie, which is her favorite character.

To achieve the “Barbie” look, Prapaporn was flown to South Korea to undergo a series of surgeries. The doctors gave her forehead, nose, and eyelid surgeries, a cheekbone and jaw restructure, and a skin whitening treatment.

The feedback from viewers, however, was negative towards her new look, with many people describing her enhanced new visage as “weird.” To be fair, doling out quick and harsh judgement is probably what fans of these shows like best.

“Barbie doesn’t look like this. I feel sorry for her,” said one of the nicer comments.

Some people say she actually looks adorable, it’s just the haircut and outfit that need to go.

“Even a superstar can’t possibly pull off this outfit and wig,” another comment said.

Prapaporn, however, is grateful for the transformation. She thanked the show for giving her a “new life.”

“Now I want to pursue my dream of becoming an air hostess. Then I’d like to be a model if I had the chance,” she said.

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