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Bank employee stealing elderly savings caught on camera

stealing elderly savings

Bank employee stealing elderly savings caught on camera

A female bank employee has been caught on camera showing the moment when she stole an elderly man’s savings.

The daughter of the victim shared the video online for the world to see, this is another reason why you can’t really trust anyone, even bank employees who are professionally trained.

The elderly went to deposit 50,000 THB into his bank account, the bank employee later called and said there was only 40,000 THB.

Finally, the employee admitted to her actions after realizing the security footage captured the evidence.

The girl captioned her post on Facebook “My father went to deposit 50,000 THB into his account at 8.40 am on 6 January 2020. The female bank employee counted the money out and confirmed that there was 50,000 THB.

Then at 6.00 pm the manager at the bank branch called and asked her father there was only 40,000 THB so why did he tell her there was 50,000 THB?

The employee was criticizing the customer. When asked why didn’t the employee ask her father at the bank, when they were both holding the cash. She answered that there were a lot of people.

A news team from Amarin TV went to interview the victim’s daughter. She revealed that 47,000 THB came from selling a cow and 3,000 THB came from her father working at a farm earning 250 THB per day.

When her father received the call he didn’t want to get in a dispute with the bank so he agreed to let the bank change his savings from 50,000 THB to 40,000 THB.

But the daughter wasn’t as innocent and knew that something was not right.

She asked to see the security footage and saw that the bank employee was acting suspiciously as she counted the money, she kept looking to the left and right as she was holding the cash.

The daughter trusted her father as he had a good memory if it was relating to money. Then the bank manager contacted the family again the next day and asked her to take the video down along with admitting that the employee was guilty.

She deleted the post after the bank manager apologized because she didn’t want to drag the situation out. The daughter also revealed that her father is a regular customer at the bank and has deposited cash many times before but this time he told her about what happened.



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