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Bangkok’s ‘aeroplane graveyard’ has become an unlikely tourist attraction

This is the ‘aeroplane graveyard’ that has become an unlikely tourist attraction in Bangkok.

The deserted patch of wasteland is home to an abandoned Boeing 747 plus several other smaller planes believed to be 737s.

Some of the old aeroplane’s have even been converted into homes and chicken sheds where a family of Thais live inside.

The family have even started showing the famous Thai entrepreneurial spirit and charging backpackers and tourists 200 baht a time to walk around the planes.

An old woman and her young son are often found behind a locked gate demanding the money to get inside the aeroplane graveyard in the Hua Mak district of the capital.

After a number of articles in international media over the last year, the abandoned planes have become a major draw.

Several groups of tourists can be found clambering through the wreckage every day – that’s not a bad day’s takings for the Thais charging an entrance fee. Some websites and blogs say that they sometimes charge 300 baht per person.

They don’t own the aircraft. All of the planes were former commercial passenger jets but the liveries have been obscured making it hard to identify the carriers. It’s not known how the aircraft came to be dumped there.

Inside the three-storey high abandoned 747, the hold is filled with parts of the plane that once carried the luggage hundreds of holidaymakers around the world every day.

While on the first floor a number of features from the flying days still exist, including storage shelves and overhead compartments.

A flight of stairs leads to the upper deck which once ferried first class passengers in luxury and at the front of the aircraft is the pilot’s cockpit.

Some 20 metres away, vehicles whizz by on the busy main road in the Hua Mak district of the Thai capital.

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