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Bangkok Skytrain SCRAPS social distancing rules

Bangkok Skytrain

Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain network cancelled its seat spacing measures in order to increase passenger numbers after schools and colleges reopened yesterday.

Bangkok Mass Transit System’s CEO says social distancing measures have been relaxed to boost convenience for passengers.

It is also noted that the decision comes as the money flow returns.

All BTS carriages had crosses on seating to separate seated passengers but had done nothing to keep standing passengers apart.

Stations and trains will still limit the number of passengers to 70% of normal capacity to prevent overcrowding.

The BTS is also operating “group release” measures for passengers in the morning and evening rush hours, to prevent overcrowding on platforms.

Passengers are being advised “not to talk on their phones” and to “avoid facing each other at close proximity” whilst on trains.

BTS says the frequency of rush-hour service is 2 minutes, 25 seconds for trains on the Sukhumvit Line, and 3 minutes, 45 seconds for the Silom Line.

Temperature checks and Thai Chana scanning remain in place on sections of the network

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