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Bangkok extends closure of 34 risky locations until May 31


Bangkok Governor Aswin Khwanmuang signed an order on Sunday (May 3) for temporary closure of 34 locations that pose a risk for Covid-19 infection until May 31.

The 34 locations are:

1. Theatre, cinema, playhouse

2. Pub, bar, entertainment venue

3. Water park, amusement park

4. Playground, children’s play areas in the market including floating markets and flea markets

5. Zoo

6. Skating or rollerblade park

7. Billiards or snooker venue

8. Bowling alley or arcade

9. Game centre and internet cafe

10. Public pool or similar business

11. Rooster fight ring

12 Fitness centre

13. Exhibition location, exhibition centre and convention hall.

14. Museum

15. Library

16. Nursery

17. Elderly care

18. Boxing stadium


19. Martial arts school or gym

20. Tattoo parlour

21. Dance school

22. Race track

23. Sauna or steaming room

24. Massage parlour

25. Amulet shop

26. Weight loss shop or beauty clinics

27. Massage house

28. All types of arenas

29. All performances in public areas

30. Banquet hall

31. Department stores (except the supermarket area, pharmacies, miscellaneous goods that are essential, retail stores, telecommunication businesses, banks and government and state enterprises offices)

32. Beauty salon (only allowed to cut, wash, and set the hair without other customers waiting in the shop)

33. Sports stadium (only sports that do not need multiple players while clubhouse must be closed to prevent people from gathering)

34. Parks (open only for individuals to exercise, such as walking, running, or bicycling while keeping social distancing).


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