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Bang Saray Taking Shape and Moving Forward

Just 20 minutes along the coast from Pattaya City, yet a world away, is the
stunning seaside village of Bang Saray. Few places can match its charm and pure
visual splendor. Standing on the pristine sands and gazing across the ocean the
cityscapes of Jomtien and Pattaya cascade across the water. Everything is
different here. Absent from the beach are the clumps of umbrellas, crowded
surroundings, and pesky vendors. In their place, nicely spaced seating areas
directly off the water, vistas reminiscent of an island and an atmosphere to

Not all amazing things come in big packages, and Bang Saray is no exception. At is very core the village is a community. This is evident in the generations of fishermen that have patrolled its waters and still do, the friendly faces that greet you throughout the town and the quintessential Thai ambiance that surrounds you. This warm atmosphere is protected by strict development/building regulations that forbid the construction of buildings over 23m. This responsible attitude towards development and growth is great news for residents desiring a high quality of life in contrast to the concrete jungle of neighboring Pattaya and for investors wanting a performing asset.






The perfect storm occurs when you have an environment like this with access to the convenience of a city, strong commercial investment and access to modern infrastructure. Bang Saray has this in spades, starting with a collection of world-class attractions including Cartoon Network Water Park, Silverlake Vineyard, Buddha Mountain and Chee Chan Golf Resort to name just a few. The best news is that there are an additional 500M USD worth of destination attractions on the way! These include a Thai Cultural Theme Park (stage one already open) and a large scale European themed dining and shopping village, all mere minutes from Bang Saray Beach.









On the infrastructure side, land, air, sea and rail are all accounted for starting with U-Tapao International Airport located 20 minutes away. Construction on the 3rd terminal is set to drive up arrivals from 3.5 million to 12 million per year. All by 2021. At that stage, more carriers will enter the market and for those fortunate enough to live in Bang Saray the world will be your oyster. There is a motorway/highway link to Bangkok opening this year that will allow people to bypass Pattaya completely while cutting travel time. No doubt this will make Bang Saray a destination for Bangkok residents seeking a weekend getaway or a vacation property. Five minutes down the road is Ocean Marina, South East Asia’s largest. From here you can explore any of the many islands that surround Bang Saray. Finally, the long-awaited high-speed rail network is back on the table. This is a long-term project several years in the making, once complete you will be able to travel to Bangkok in 45 minutes and eventually travel throughout Thailand and beyond.






If this sounds like your speed, make your way down Sukhumvit Road to Na Jomtien Soi 56, turn right and get ready to be mesmerized as the beach comes into view. For day trippers you can capture your own space on the beach or head further down where the beach is fully serviced. Delicious seafood awaits or almost any other cuisine that tickles your fancy. For those wanting to stay a little longer, a variety of accommodation is available. There are stunning 5-star boutique hotels including Kept and U-Pattaya (4,000 – 20,000 THB / Night), or some more moderate options like Baan Pimpisa and Baan-Tah on the Sea (1,200 – 4,000 THB / Night). If your interested in laying down some roots, or on the lookout for a great investment property, the folks over at the award-winning Sisaran Group have four developments in Bang Saray and are highly respected. You can get in touch with them at or via email at [email protected]. Open your horizons and discover a place that is as welcoming as it is wonderful.



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