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Bad breath due to parasitic infections. Thai oral infection specialists have methods to prevent and treat such diseases

Bad breath due to parasitic infections. Thai oral infection specialists have methods to prevent and treat such diseases

Doctors have discovered the cause of bad breath: from parasitic infections. A recent study reported that oral parasitic infections are caused by abnormalities in the stomach and intestines, known as stomach poisoning due to lack of good public health in eating.

– Today we will talk about the disease with the head of the Thai Parasitology Institute, Angkhanapong Phiroj
– Female Doctor Angkhanaphong Phairot, Hello! How do I start with the main cause of Thai oral parasitic infections?

– At this time, Thailand is considered to be the country with the highest number of parasitic infections in the world. This is due to the environment that is suitable for the incubation and expansion of the breed, together with the care from the government and the method of disease control is not good enough. Up every year

– Dr. Angkhanapong Phairoj, how much reliable information about oral and respiratory infections?

– Many years ago, the medical community believed that bad breath problems were caused by oral diseases. However, recent research shows that another important factor that causes bad breath is from stomach problems. (Which is infected with parasites) which is different from the opinions of scientists in some fields that see the problem of such diseases as “normal symptoms” that can occur in general and not life-threatening

I believe in research and can confirm that the results are from our research institutes. The presence of “bad breath” is a serious warning sign. As a matter of fact, about 92% of people do not die from illness alone but are caused by parasitic infections in the body. Common causes of death are called “Natural death” – is the result of the breeding of parasites in your body.

– At present, there is a lot of information about parasites that can provide knowledge about death due to parasitic infections in the respiratory tract or not?

– Most people often misunderstand that parasites in the human body – this is just a parasite or worm Which is in fact not Parasites usually live in different parts of the human body and are the main cause of various diseases that will occur later. That shows that having parasites in the body is a very dangerous thing – because they can enter your intestine, causing you to get infected in the intestine and eventually die. In addition, the parasite is a disease that is difficult to detect and destroy.

Because it can hide in organs that are difficult to detect, such as the liver, brain, lungs, stomach, blood vessels and bowel food When these organs are infected by parasites, the result is a serious disease that you may not be able to imagine.

For this reason, I can say that the parasite is the carrier of various pathogens into the body of the person, only you can not find it. Which the doctor can treat the infection from the parasite only when the patient shows symptoms clearly

“It can be said that in the human body there are thousands of parasites living in the liver, brain, lungs, blood vessels and stomach. If such organs are infected with parasites – show that you are going to be a serious disease that may follow The first symptom that can be observed is having bad breath. ”

– Can you call the symptoms of people infected with parasites?

– I can call the symptoms of people infected with parasites in many cases. But I will focus only on cases that can demonstrate the harm caused by parasites are the most obvious

case is the first parasitic infections lead to cancer. Usually, such infections are not transmitted from person to person, but are transmitted from outside and spread into various cells. Then the cancer cells will begin to spread from within the cells before they start eating various organs within the body. Starting from the incubation of the intestines and eventually becoming cancer cells Cancer cells can spread quickly. As can be seen that patients with cancer often die within a few months, doctors can see the tumor of the cancer cells in a few weeks before the patient dies.

In the middle of this picture: is an unusual lump, also known as a cancer cell after being developed from a parasite
Another case that can be found frequently – is parasitic infections in the brain. Patients infected with parasites in the brain often have fatigue, irritability and mood swings. When the parasite bites to the brain stem, the patient will die immediately.

“We continue to collect images of autopsies that have died with parasites found in various organs. Which I cannot show those images

The third case – parasitic infection in the heart Considered to be a very common disease today In general, people infected with parasites in the heart usually detect about 23% of the infection. At the initial stage of the infection, the patient will completely lose vision and the body cannot respond to external stimuli. The increased incubation of the parasite in the heart causes the patient to die suddenly due to acute cardiac arrest. Which the cause of death with acute heart disease is usually 100% of parasites

Is there any other case that is dangerous due to parasitic infections?

«Parasitic infections in men often cause symptoms: prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, tumors, cystitis, kidney stones and bladder.
Parasitic infections in women often cause symptoms: pain and inflammation in the ovaries. It also causes tumors in the uterus, breast, inflammation of the adrenal glands, bladder, and kidneys as well as premature aging

– Is there a way to protect yourself from parasites? Is there a medical test, or a drug used for treatment?

Unfortunately, there is currently no medical device that can diagnose parasites in humans. Due to the large number of parasites found (Variety of species) and some species cannot be detected In addition, the process of analyzing parasites is quite complicated, in which only a few studies are available in Thailand. In addition, the analysis of parasites requires a large amount of expenses.

Symptoms of early stage parasitic infection:

• Has bad breath

• Allergy symptoms (Body rash, tearing and runny nose)

• Symptoms similar to a cold, sore throat, nasal congestion

• Chronic fatigue (A disorder of the body system, especially the nervous system The patient will become weary all the time)

• Frequent headaches, constipation or diarrhea

• Pain in joints and muscles

• Easy irritability, insomnia, and loss of appetite

• Wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes

Phase 2 of the symptom – is the period in which the parasite is propagating, resulting in the body of the patient appearing various parasitic species

In the field of medicine, treatment for patients with parasitic infections is still a problem today. Research has shown that there is only one way that can eliminate parasites from the human body and is the most accepted method in Thailand.

Having bad breath – is a symptom that shows that your body is infected with parasites. And can be carriers leading to serious complications

– Can you tell us which methods can remove parasites from the human body and who invented this method?

– a method that can eliminate parasites from the body by using “Toxifort”, invented by the Parasitology Institute and a group of independent scientists in Russia We have researched more than 24 parasites until they can develop the drugs that are best used to eliminate parasites from the body – “Toxifort”, which is the most effective version of

Toxifort. Bear water Herbal oil The extract from the sumac effect and 20 other components, with the production process that has been tested according to international standards, ensures that the drug is actually effective in the treatment of the amount of Toxifort exports. Toxifort is currently only sold in Russia and is not commercially available.

In addition – exports of goods to Europe can generate profit by court (because the Toxifort sold abroad will cost ten times the cost)

– Why to use Toxifort? Is it different from using anthelmintic drugs?

– As mentioned above, Toxifort is the best way to get rid of parasites from the body. That is an important reason for the pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies in foreign countries to pay attention and purchase a large number of Toxifort because when comparing the treatment results with other drugs, it appears that Toxifort can eliminate parasites in infected patients. Better because it can eliminate parasites that live in different parts of the body quickly and efficiently As well as observing patients who are infected with parasites is very difficult because the parasite is a disease that is difficult to detect. Using Toxifort is the best way to destroy and eliminate parasites in the human body – both from the heart. Liver and intestines, where the general drug cannot be made

In addition, Toxifort is a drug that is synthesized from nature, does not use chemical additives, which helps reduce irritation in the stomach and intestines. It also does not cause side effects to the body like general antibiotics.

– I think there are many readers interested in buying Toxifort. Where can we buy this product?

– You can buy Toxifort by ordering online only. On the project website , although we are trying to penetrate the general pharmacy market in many countries, it still doesn’t work due to the expensive export cost price, the selling price is higher as well. That makes us unable to sell Toxifort in general pharmacies. Parasitology Institute – a non-profit organization The Institute therefore does not have the main goal of production for export. But is produced to help the infected patient only Therefore, the institute is a drug exporter and directly determines the selling price with the aim of the general pharmacy.

I hope that Inxifort will be accepted in the future and can be purchased in general at the pharmacy. At the same time, you can order online as well, because we have tried to develop products to be easy and convenient to order – by when you order products. We will deliver the product by post or by the distributor. Products will be delivered directly to you at You can only check the product before receiving and paying after you receive the product. Ensuring that you will receive quality products

– What would you like to say more to our readers?

– The only thing that we want to tell you is – take good care of your health and body. Maybe you do not know that in your body there are 97-98% of parasites living. They can live anywhere – in the blood, intestines, lungs, heart, and brain. We from the inside, resulting in a weak body causing other complications, followed by making you shorten the life of 15-25 years. Therefore, if talking about sudden causes of death in general, it is often a matter of concern. With the spread of parasites in the body itself.

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