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Video: Baby rescued after being thrown out with the trash in Bangkok

Baby rescued after being thrown out with the trash in Bangkok

A newborn baby has been rescued after being discovered wrapped in a bin bag behind a derelict building in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The infant was heard crying under a tree next to a wasteland in Huai Khwang, Bangkok.

He was discovered by a local wrapped in a rubbish bag with what appears to be the baby’s clothes.

On waiting for emergency services to arrive, photos show the local crouching down and holding the baby in his arms.

As police officials survey the area around the decaying building, the footage shows a pair of officers questioning a bystander.

In an animated response, the woman greets the officers and points into the distance.

The officer immediately scribbles down the information while the other continues questioning.

A paramedic can also been seen cradling the baby boy, who has a swollen left cheek and a damp head of hair.

It is understood that the baby boy was taken to hospital where he was given the all-clear by medics.

Police are now trying to trace the baby boy’s family.

Jackchai Banyensakul from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation said: ‘The team delivered the baby to the Piyavate hospital located nearby after receiving a call from the man who found him.

‘The baby was left in a rubbish bag under a tree. If somebody didn’t find him he could have died.

‘There was a very similar case in the area a few months ago but it was too late to save the baby’.

Mr. Banyensakul added: ‘He was still strong and healthy so physically he should be OK now the nurses are taking care of him.

‘Police officers who attended the scene will check CCTV in the area to identify anyone connected to the boy’.

In a separate incident in Indonesia, a woman was seen leaving a newborn baby outside a house and walking off.

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Posted by Khaosod – ข่าวสด on Thursday, August 1, 2019

The incident was filmed by a CCTV camera in Jakarta and posted on Facebook where it has been seen 28,000 times.

In the footage, a young woman in a blue top is seen walking along the pavement while holding a baby.

She looks around and carefully places the newborn on the ground before running away without taking a second look.

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