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‘Are you all dumb’ says woman who refuses to wear mask in mall (Video)

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Another Singaporean who felt mandatory health measures didn’t apply to them has been caught on video. 

An unidentified woman can be heard telling a man and a mall security officer off after being advised to put on the mandatory face protection in a two-minute plus clip circulating online today.

“This is a mask, and this is how it’s worn. All right? You got any other issues?” the woman is heard saying while holding a face mask to her lips instead of wearing it properly.

The man in front of her, wearing a red polo shirt, appears to be wearing a “safe-distancing” monitor’s pass around his neck.

While the date of the encounter is not known, several observers said it looked like it took place at the Sun Plaza mall in Sembawang.

It comes as Singapore struggles to staunch the spread of the coronavirus, which after early success, has been reporting large daily increases since last month. Another 741 new cases were reported yesterday, bringing total confirmed infections 20,939 since January.

The clip of the latest mask scofflaw opens with the unidentified woman telling the man to “back off.” She then tells him to remove his mask so she could hear what he was saying.

When the man reminds her that it is compulsory for everyone to wear a mask as part of COVID-19 containment measures, the woman makes a show of holding the mask against her mouth.

“Exactly, but you’re not wearing it,” the man tells her.

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Ignoring him and turning her attention to the person filming the exchange, she asks why he has been “standing there for so long” without intervening. She notes that another woman had walked past her without saying anything.

“Are you all dumb? Or sophisticatedly stupid?” the woman says. Her outburst comes just days after another woman was charged in court for refusing to wear a mask because she was “sovereign.”

When a security guard approaches and asks why she refuses to don the mask, she doesn’t answer but rather tells him to maintain distance from her.

“You are security officer, you maintain the distance,” she says. The guard then walks off holding his phone to make a call.

The clip ends with her displaying her mask to the camera.

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