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Aussie tourist kicked off flight from Phuket video

Fed-up Jetstar passengers have cheered and applauded as an ‘unruly’ woman was kicked off a plane after reportedly lashing out over her lack of a window seat.

The Australian woman was travelling on Jetstar flight JQ28 from Phuket in southern Thailand to Sydney on Sunday when it’s believed she started complaining about being seated near the aisle.

Footage taken by one passenger showed the woman climbing out of her seat and removing her luggage from the overhead bin while shouting ‘I’m out! I’m out!’.

‘Thanks a f**king lot!’ she said.

She then started walking down the aisle as those on board started to cheer and clap.

As she made her way off the plane, the woman then quickly turned around and confronted a female passenger, asking ‘What did you call me?’

Another passenger then tried to shoo her off the plane, telling her to go away before a flight attendant stepped in and told the woman to sit down.

‘Oh my god they’re about to start a punch on,’ one passenger filming was heard saying.

The disgruntled traveller was then escorted to the front of the plane where she was seen arguing with a cabin crew member and pointing towards her seat.

Other passengers were heard shouting ‘get off’ as the woman was eventually removed completely from the aircraft.

Those who witnessed the event claimed the drama began because the woman wanted to sit next to the window.

An earlier video showed the woman smiling to the camera and asking ‘what’s happening habibi?’

A Jetstar spokesperson confirmed the woman had been removed from the flight.

‘An unruly passenger was escorted off our flight prior to take off in Phuket after becoming disruptive and using abusive and inappropriate language towards other customers and our team members,’ the spokesperson said.

‘Airport security in Phuket was called and the passenger was escorted off the flight.

‘We take safety and security very seriously and this type of behaviour will not be tolerated on our aircraft.’

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