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Aussie gangster DENIED entry to Thailand

Aussie gangster DENIED entry to Thailand

Aussie gangster DENIED entry to Thailand

An Australian gangster, who convinced the magistrate to let him take stressbusting holiday while he faced more than 100 charges, is sent home by Thailand authorities before he can even enter the country.

A bikie president has been denied entry to Thailand just days after pleading with a magistrate to relax his bail conditions to allow him to travel.

Mick Murray, the boss of the outlaw motorcycle gang the Comancheros, is facing more than 100 charges relating to fraud in Victoria.

Murray attempted to enter Phuket on Thursday night after his friend, businessman Graham Ritchie, posted a $1 million surety to see his bail conditions relaxed for two weeks.

The 41-year-old was hoping to spend five nights in Thailand before moving on to Dubai for another 10 days.

But Thailand allegedly introduced a policy vowing to prevent OMCG members travelling there in a bid to reduce bikie related crimes in the region.

He was refused entry at the airport and placed on the next flight back to Melbourne, The Herald Sun reported.

Victoria Police allegedly contacted Thai authorities ahead of his arrival.

Detectives initially opposed his bid to travel internationally, arguing there was a risk he would never return.

But magistrate Susan Wakeling ultimately determined he should be allowed to take the holiday while waiting to see if his case would go to trial.

‘It is not for me to determine whether ​travel is desirable, but whether the ​relevant risk is unacceptable,’ she said on Wednesday.

In addition to the fraud charges Murray is facing, he also allegedly owes more than $1 million to the Australian Taxation Office.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said a man had been refused entry into Thailand, but refused to comment on the matter further considering it is one ‘for Thai authorities’.

Murray is required to return his passport to the court on August 31.





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