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Auntie decides to remove Police Wheel Clamp in China Town with hand saw

China Town

An Auntie parked by the road in Chinatown (Yaowarat), Bangkok City in an unallowed area. As she went to continue her business in the area, a policeman came and attached a wheel clamp for the parking violation. When the auntie returned and discovered that her wheel had been locked, she became unhappy and did not want to pay the fine at the police station.

Usually, a driver that receives a wheel clamp in Thailand will travel to the police station with the ticket that is normally placed on the windshield. The driver will then give the ticket to a traffic policeman, pay the fine, and the policeman will contact another policeman to go unlock the wheel clamp.


When the woman saw the wheel clamp she seemed unhappy. She then walked to her car and took out a blue hand saw. A citizen with the Facebook Username Tanit Nakornban was able to record the auntie cutting the police wheel clamp. When she saw that there was someone recording her, she didn’t care and kept on trying to saw the wheel clamp off.

It took a while before she could cut the lock-free from the wheel clamp, but she had a goal and she succeeded. Finally, the lock broke and the auntie took the hand saw along with the police wheel clamp into her car on the journey with her to where she was going.


Most netizens agreed that the woman truly parked in no parking spot as the video showed public buses driving by the auntie as she was trying to cut the lock-free. It is likely that she parked on the main road of Chinatown which is an extremely busy road and oftentimes involves heavy traffic during rush hour.


Tanit was able to capture a clear video with her face in it and a clear shot of her car that will likely lead to worse charges than a simple parking violation ticket fine. Tanit had already shared his video with the Police Friends Network Group on Facebook.




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