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Auntie arrested, stealing money from taxi drivers

Auntie arrested

This auntie is finally arrested after she stole money from several taxi drivers in Bangkok. Police Major General Ekchai Bunwisut and other related officers from the Bang Yi Kun Police Station arrested Nongnuch Pimsuan 55 years old from Kanchanaburi Province at 5 pm on 13 February 2020. The suspect had an arrest warrant out in her name no. 57/2563 from the Taling Chan Court.

The police received notification on 4 February that a passenger had stolen 1,400 THB from a taxi driver near a famous mall in Pinklao, Bangkok. Investigation police gathered information from the victim and other news sources including a Facebook Page named Smart Taxi. This is not the first time auntie Nongnuch had stolen money from taxi drivers, she has a history in Bang Rak, Bangkok Noi, Tao Poon, Bang Kan, and other districts.

The latest case took place on the 9th of this month when the same auntie had stolen money from another taxi driver in Nang Loeng, Bangkok. Auntie told the taxi driver that she didn’t have any cash on her and needed to use the ATM. She asked to borrow the taxi driver’s money and promised to return the cash with her taxi fee. She went inside a mall and never returned to the waiting taxi.

Officials reported that the Bang Yi Kun Police Station received orders to take immediate action on the auntie because it doesn’t seem like she will stop stealing taxi driver’s money. The auntie will change districts every time she steals from a taxi believing that the taxi in different areas wouldn’t recognize or realize who she is. Taxi drivers have suffered from her inconsiderate actions. Police found out who she was and went to arrest her at home. Auntie Nongnuch admitted to stealing from all the drivers at the time of the arrest, she claimed that this is her way of making money.


Source: thai residents

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