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Attempted murder charge after cutting a rope

A woman facing an attempted murder charge after cutting a rope used by two painters on the exterior of a condominium reported to police on Wednesday and denied the allegations.

Nichanan Toh, 34, accompanied by her lawyer, admitted at Pak Kret police station to cutting the safety rope on Oct 12 used by the workers assigned to do repair work on the exterior of the condo in Pak Kret district of Nonthaburi province, media outlets reported.

She denied allegations of causing damage and attempted murder, saying she had no intention to kill the workers but cut the rope out of annoyance because she did not see the notice posted by the condo administration that some repair work would be done on that day.

Police allowed her bail to fight the charges.

The name of the condo was not disclosed.

The incident took place around noon on Dec 12. While the two repairmen, one of them a Myanmar national known only as Song, were lowering the rope from the 32nd floor of the condo to fix a crack, they saw the rope was cut by a woman living on the 21st storey, making it impossible for them to descend by themselves.

One of the workers signalled for help and Prapawan Satasing, who lived on the 26th floor, let them land on her balcony. The workers then went downstairs to report the incident to the condo administration.

The condo administration said they had already notified residents in writing that some repair work would be done between 9am and 5pm on Oct 12 involving workers using ropes outside their rooms.

They encouraged the residents to close windows and put away any items on their balconies. 

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