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Archive: How Thais handle a railway crossing – Video

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How Thais handle a railway crossing

Dramatic footage from a level crossing in Thailand showed a driver get out of his pick-up after he got stuck on the rails.

Phitak, 55, wonders what to do with his stricken vehicle carrying a load of palm sugar.

Lots of traffic passes him by until a group of bicyclists see his plight and offer to help.

Around ten people pitch in to help but the weight of the load is against them.

Then a couple of minutes into the video – after the helpers ask other traffic to stop – matters take a turn for the worse.

The barriers come down.

Then the Thonburi to Ratchaburi train #351 comes along as the would be rescuers scatter for cover.

Thai Rath reported that when police arrived the pick-up was split in two and there was palm sugar all over the place.

No one was hurt and there was only superficial damage to the train. Phitak, from Nonthaburi and in a state of shock, said he was carrying his load to Bang Yai

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