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Another fine piece of Thai driving from Phayao…..

Yet further evidence of some of the appalling and selfish driving on Thai roads was posted online after a video was made at the weekend.

This latest excuse for a driver was a person in a pick-up on the wrong side of the road at some lights in the Wiang sub-district of the northern Thai province of Phayao.
Oncoming traffic, then turning traffic has to go around this driver before the lights turn green and he can continue on his merry way.
TV presenters shook their heads less in disbelief and more in resigned acceptance of the madness of it all.
While Sanook said in the headline to their report on the video: “This is Thailand right? Pick-up going the wrong way without a care of causing an accident”.
Sanook added that the license plate of this miscreant was clearly visible and it should not be too difficult for the authorities to act.

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