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An Easy ฿75,000

It’s a familiar story, which for some reason seems to be popping up almost every week. It’s in the news, and all over the TV channels, and has been a major problem in Pattaya for as long as I can remember. Yes, someone has had their gold stolen.

This time it was the turn of Mr. Vuori Emil Juhani, a 51 year old gentleman from Finland. To cut a long story short, while he was waiting for friends, a couple of Thai teenagers approached on a motorbike, snatched Mr. Juhani’s necklace, and made a quick getaway. Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it?

The necklace was reportedly purchased back in Mr. Juhani’s home country for around 2,000 Euro’s, which equates to roughly ฿75,000. Mr.Juhani was able to show pictures of himself wearing the necklace as evidence to police, once they arrived, however, the chances of catching the thieves and retrieving the gold are slim to none in most cases.

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Pattaya is obviously not the only place in the world that theft occurs, but with salaries relatively low for Thai males here, crime is often seen as an easy option for some quick cash.


The best advice is to simply not wear any gold whilst wandering around the streets of Pattaya. It’s simply not worth the unwanted attention it always attracts. The alternative is to hire Tim “sharky” Ward to shadow you as your bodyguard, ready for when the inevitable strikes.


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