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Americans smuggling BULLETS out of Thailand

Americans smuggling

Americans smuggling BULLETS out of Thailand

US media has reported that a US citizen has been arrested in Thailand after a single bullet was found in his suitcase.

Michael Jones, 37 was detained at the airport and is the second American to be caught with a single bullet in his luggage in a month.

Micheal’s mother told US media that security at the airport found a single bullet in his bag.

However, she said her son wasn’t traveling with any weapons or ammunition?

“He had nothing, and when he tried to explain that to them, it’s like you really can’t challenge their authority there,” Durden-Jones said.

“We understand what happened, we just don’t understand why,” Durden-Jones told News 5 in Cleveland.

Michael Jones was held at the airport and was only allowed to go free after his parents sent thousands of dollars to a law firm in Thailand to pay for an attorney and bail.

Thai authorities say he isn’t allowed to leave Thailand and must remain there until March, his parents said.

In addition to reaching out to the embassy, the couple has also contacted local, state and national politicians for help. Durden-Jones said she knew everyone involved in the U.S. was doing their best to bring her son home.

American Michael Morra was also arrested over a single bullet in his luggage on Nov. 23rd at the airport. He too was on his way home from Thailand.

US Embassy officials in Thailand helped an American fire chief being held after a single bullet was also found in his suitcase.

He had been detained in Thailand since before Thanksgiving but arrived back in the US Christmas Eve.

What is going on and why are some Americans trying to carry single, untraceable bullets out of Thailand and back to the U.S?




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