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American detained following a string of brutal assaults

American detained following a string of brutal assaults

A Chiang Mai bar owner is seeking justice after a frightening series of incidents occurred at her restaurant on October 11. Ms. Ae, owner of ‘Home Bar 1981,’ recounted a harrowing incident of an interaction with an angry American tourist named Brian Andrew Burggraf that resulted in severe injury to one of her clients.

The disturbing situation began when the 28-year-old American, who was visibly intoxicated, began causing disruptions throughout the club. Ms. Ae bravely intervened to stop the harassment, only to find the man armed with a concealed knife. The situation deteriorated when he attempted to harm the pub owner, prompting an urgent appeal for help.
Despite a Norwegian tourist’s efforts to restrain the perpetrator, Burggraf savagely stabbed him in the belly, causing serious injuries. Burggraf casually left the scene and went to his lodgings at a neighboring hotel after the attack. The Good Samaritan was sent to a local hospital for treatment.
In response, Chiang Mai City Police Station investigators, including the Black Hawk Team and tourist police, conducted a thorough investigation. Burggraf was apprehended in Jet Yod Plaza in Chang Phueak sub-district as a result of their efforts. He was discovered in possession of a folding knife and was escorted to the police station for questioning.

Burggraf is now in arrest and will face legal accusations in Chiang Mai. Authorities anticipate that the case will be handled in accordance with the law, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant embassies involved to secure justice in this matter.

Ms. Ae immediately reported the incident to the police, which led to the discovery by authorities that the assailant had assaulted two other foreign visitors later that day. The second incident occurred at the Smoke House business on Chaiyapoom Road, when Burggraf injured 52-year-old Dutch tourist Erik Jan Oudshoorm and his son, Colin Mike Oudshoorm, with a small folding knife.

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