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Adult film star lashes out at ‘jealous’ women after town hosts anti-porn rally

Adult film star lashes out at ‘jealous’ women after town hosts anti-porn rally

An Australian adult film star is blaming “jealous” women for a town’s endless campaign against porn. The anti-smut crusade has received support from men, feminists, Muslims and even former French president Francois Hollande.

Kiki Vidis, who’s been an adult actress for 11 years, visited the town of Toowoomba in southeast Queensland weeks after the community’s third annual anti-porn rally. During the demonstration, which is hosted by Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor Paul Antonio, men from all over the city pledged to not watch pornography.

Mayor Antonio said he is “very passionate” about the issue and claims it’s not just women backing the campaign. However, Vidis says she blames jealous and insecure wives and girlfriends who don’t want their men lusting after women like her.

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“I get 90 percent fan mail and 10 percent hate mail, and the hate mail usually comes from the wives or girlfriends of men,” Vidis said to The Chronicle.

City Women, the group behind the anti-porn campaign, say there is an “avalanche” of information about the dangers pornography poses to communities and claims younger generations are especially “at risk.”

“There’s so much research out there now that porn fuels domestic violence, child-on-child sexual assault, grooms pedophiles and even links to human trafficking,”said campaign spokeswoman Letitia Shelton to the Daily Mail Australia.

Vidis hit back at the claim that a ban on porn is necessary to protect children by saying it’s up to parents to monitor what their children look at online.

“Porn isn’t a crime… My parents put the restrictions on the computer in the family room when I was growing up. If you choose to put a computer in a child’s room and no filters on, you are bringing it upon yourselves,” Vidis said.

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Shelton says while they’re not “out to ban porn” entirely, as that would be “an impossible task,” they are attempting to “raise awareness” and start a conversation about the so-called associated risks.

“We’re working with school principals, talking to them about how we can bring better education into schools locally, and also how we can help parents,” added Shelton, claiming their campaign has “thousands” of supporters.

Shelton says her campaign has support all over the county from “feminists to Muslims” and even from former French president Francois Hollande, who reached out to find out more about the initiative.

“The president was just fed up with the destruction that porn is doing, and saw there was a mayor in another city doing something,” Shelton said to the Catholic Leader.

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