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Adrian Giurgiu – Dog Whisperer -Photos and Video

Adrian Giurgiu

Rescued dogs get a second chance at life – Adrian Giurgiu

This weekend PattayaOne went back to see our very own DOG WHISPERER Adrian Giurgiu. It is so nice to catch up and see how the rescued dogs are getting on and if there are any new dogs that have been added to the fold.

Although no new dogs have been taken in, there are a few new additions. One of the dogs has had puppies. So in a stable and controlled environment, it is a pleasure to see.

This time I was able to get more photos and videos which shows Adrian’s day to day routine.

Even though I met up with him at 9.30 am, Adrian had started his day at around 5 am, which is far too early for me.

I found out that since our last visit, there had been a few people that had come to donate and Adrian always welcomes donations no matter how small. It does not even have to be money, donations of food, pampers and toys are a must to keep the animals happy and healthy.

While I was at the sanctuary I was able to witness Adrian giving one of the dogs in the area a vaccination. This may be a first for me, however, this is Adrian’s normal routine, and if anyone needs advice on dog jabs and vaccinations please do contact him and he will offer the best advice.

My favorite dog Bruno is also doing well and was nice to see him again. In fact, all in all, the sanctuary is clean, animals are happy and Adrian is just waiting for a chance to expand and buy more facilities.

In the video, you will see just a short version of my day and meet some of the animals. I will be uploading regular video updates from now on and Adrian will be a permanent feature in our news.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join Adrian on his dogs walks this time, however next time I will join in on the walks and make a short video.

I realize that these stories are not for everyone, and many people do not care what happens to the soi dogs of Thailand, but for me and many others, it is so nice to see that there is someone that does actually care and is trying to make a difference.

So I invite as many of you on my journey and together we can try to give a second chance to many of these animals that have just been left out to fend for themselves.

Adrian has said that, though he is no longer taking in stray dogs, he will make a home for the handicapped dogs that would normally have a much harder time in the streets. And just before we go, if anyone out there would like to volunteer, even for an hour, please ask Adrian for details.

For those that have never met Adrian,  he is a wonderful and caring man that only wants the best for his animals and other animals alike. On his walks, he regularly helps to clean the beaches as he cares about the kingdom. Below are links to his Facebook and PayPal. I hope you all enjoy the video and we will publish more soon. All photos are from Adrian’s personal Facebook.

Until then please take care out there

Address: Adrian​ Giurgiu


NONGPRUE​ 20150,









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