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Thai-Canadian bar girl busted with ketamine in her lingerie

A young Thai-Canadian woman was busted with a small amount of ketamine this morning as she was searched at the Thai-Cambodian border on her way back from a night of gambling.

At 9:30am today, police in Srakaew province arrested Sharon “Rose” Lawman after finding a bag containing 0.617 gram of ketamine hidden in her brassiere, according to Thairath.

What drove the police to pick her for a strip search? They thought that her eyes were “swollen as if she had been taking drugs.” That’s it. While she could have been really tired, a female officer who did the search did find drugs on her, which she admitted to have kept for later use.

Lawman, who holds both of a Canadian passport and a Thai ID card, told police that she had traveled to a casino in Poipet, Cambodia and had obtained a bag of ketamine for THB1,000 outside the casino to use with friends.

A resident of Chonburi, Lawman said that she is a “PR girl” for an entertainment venue, where she “drinks with customers.” (“PR girl” is a very politically-correct Thai term for bar girls.)

Lawman is currently in police custody and authorities say she will be prosecuted.

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